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An interview is a meeting for two-way discussion and to exchange information. Preparation is essential as the pathway to a successful interview. Before you enter the interview room, you are just another name on the list. You need to make sure that by the time you come out, yours is the only name on the list.

Remember: The reason for the interview is that our client wants to recruit someone to fill a position in their organisation - not because they want to embarrass you. Throughout the interview our client will be evaluating your strong and weak points, qualifications, skills and the ability to perform in the position they have available.

The following points should be remembered:

  1. Greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake.
  2. Do not slouch or relax in the interview.
  3. Look the interviewer in the eye at all times.
  4. Turn weaknesses into strengths. Discuss your weaknesses as though you have recognised them and strive to overcome them e.g.
    • I used to have weak time management but I recognised that, and
    • I now prioritise my work first thing in the morning.
  5. Have a positive attitude. Always go into the interview with the intention of getting an offer. Remember to sell yourself, abilities and experience in the best possible manner.

Preparing for the interview

  • Know the exact location and time of the interview
  • Know the interviewers name and title
  • Find out some information about the company. This information is often available at a good reference library or company web site. Alternatively ask your consultant to assist you.
  • Prepare a list of questions you intend to ask, together with the answers to commonly asked questions (select from options listed below) **Mirroring and Matching**??


Some questions you may wish to ask

Why is this position currently available?
What training programs are available?
What are the promotion prospects for the right candidate?
What technologies does the company use?
Does the company have any growth plans?
What projects are you currently working on?
How large is the team I will be working with?
How much client interaction will there be?

Prepare your answer

Why do you want to work for our company?
What are you doing in your current position?
Why are you looking to make a move?
What do you want to achieve in life?
Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
What are your major weaknesses?
What are your biggest strengths?
Why should I give you the job?
How do you work in team environment?
If you get stuck answer a question with a question!!!
Remember: if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail


Make sure you state the benefits you will bring. Show examples past achievements and accomplishments.

What to wear

Wear a dark business suit.
Wear a contrasting, not clashing shirt and tie.
Polish your shoes and wear dark socks.
Don't over do jewellery and aftershave.


Don't smoke.
Avoid spicy food/garlic/alcohol.
Eat a light meal before the interview.
Only accept offers of tea/coffee if you are comfortable with this.